Late April – Growing Update

Although the days have been wet and continue to remain so the night time temps are slowly getting better, so hopefully I can start leaving some of my tender stuff in the minigreenhouse at nights. Today feels abit nippy at 10 degrees so I will leave it zipped up, but during sunny spells I have been opening up the front to allow ventilation. the sweetcorn are back inside after a brief stint in there, they didn’t like the cool temps and started to wilt a bit. Some of the smaller seeedlings gave up hope and died but the stronger ones have survived. I have 16 left, just the right amount so they must stay on a windowsill to keep them safe.

Yesterday I placed 12 WhiteLady Runner Beans on damp kitchen paper in a tray to chit. Once they have sprouted I will put them in soil. This method worked well for me last year with 100% success rate. A week ago I sowed 12 French beans in pots and they have started to poke throught he soil now. This will be my first crop of beans as they grow quicker than the runners. I grew the dwarf french beans last year and I loved them. I couldn’t believe how heavily they cropped.

The outside grow rack is full of pots and trays. Everything from Honeyberry bushes and strawb plants to lettuce, brassicas and marigolds. The Container garden is also doing well. The cut and come again lettuce looks gorgeous in pots and provides tasty leaves for a sandwhich. The carrots in pots are showing their true leaves and the Mangetout is growing taller. Not sure what is going on with the blueberry bushes as it looks like some of their flowers have browned and fallen off. We had some frosts a while back, perhaps it is becasue of that or maybe they do this before the fruit forms? I don’t know. I am just going to wait and see what happens.

To sum up, all is growing well at home.  Just wish the weather would allow me to spend some quality time down the allotment.  Early May last year I was putting straw around my strawberry plants and netting them up.  Is the rain going to let up so that I can get some of those jobs done soon?  Nevermind a rain dance..I need a Sun dance to get things back on track.

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  1. june

     /  April 26, 2012

    want 2 come and do mine birds have pulled all me onions up


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