2014 Growing Year – highlights

Looking back at this years growing, I can see that we have had a very successful year. The time that I have spent down on plot has been limited to say the least but with Hubby’s help we have still managed to produce plenty of fruit and vegetables and have made the most of our freetime with the kids on pleasant sunny evenings and some weekends.

First Year for the new strawberry bed went well. We had more fruits than anticipated, although, obviously the size of the fruit was nowhere near what it will be next year.

I decided to only have a small wigwam of peas and mangetout, but regretted the peas, as there really was not enough to say we had a good crop of them. Next year I will go back to previous method of a whole row, wrapped in chicken wire protection, and definitely do what I considered doing for this year, which was grow the mangetout in a container at home.

The Whitecurrant bush fruited well, even though I moved it over from plot 2 last autumn. I was expecting better things from my Blackcurrant bush ebony, as this is it’s second year, but fingers crossed that next year it will be more productive, otherwse I will buy another bush to go alongside it.

Runner Beans were nothing special this year, probably did not receive enough attention, but the pumpkins and squash had a fantastic year – The pumpkins grew much bigger than last year and the Buffy Ball and Sunshine squash also did well. The Buffy’s did more than well – I have supplied the whold office at work and still have plenty left over in the shed – they crop prolifically. Shall definitely grow those again next year and would recommend them to all squash lovers. I managed to grow a small Turks Turban (I never have done well with this variety).

An amazing year for the chilli’s from seed. It must have been all the hot weather but the Hungarian Hotwax and Jalapeno’s were the best I have ever grown. A very colourful display from the Numex Twilight, and I was given a pretty purple chilli by a friend which was just gorgeous – shiny round chilli’s, I have not seen this one in the seed catalogues but I shall definitely keep my eye out for it in future. I even managed to grow some small orange habanero chilli’s in the mini greenhouse. They were small but packed a punch! I was using only half a chilli at a time.

Flowers from Seed

I loved the marbled leaves on the nasturtiums this year. I plan to try a different variety for tubs at home each year. I already have my eye on some pink ones. Not a great performance from the wallflowers I sowed last year and planted out in the garden. The Sweet Williams performed as expected, always a reliable show from them.

Really pleased with the Rudebekia, I had them falling through a gateway which we do not use, it’s visible from the drive. Everytime I pulled the car in arriving home, I was greeted with the most cheerful display of colour – it’s amazing how much joy flowers can bring.

On Plot I grew my Sweet Peas and tried a new sunflower – teddy bear. Missed out on the Marigolds this year, as the one’s I grew from seed never did well – too late planting them out I think. Still, there’s always next year…

Nasturtiums with marbled leaves

Purple Chilli plant gift

Rudbekia from seed

Garlic Crop

Plot in July





Pumpkins 2014

Hungarian Hotwax

Numex Twilight

Buffy Ball Squash

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  1. You certainly have had a good year, I love the squash and chillies, but your garlic is fantastic! Here’s too spring!xxx

    • Hi Snowbird, thankyou, finding time has bee a n bit if a struggle but I have still enjoyed the plot so much, and taking extra’s into work to share has been lovely. Everyone loved the Buffy Ball’s, and they even appreciated the stupidly big yellow courgettes which had been left too long before being picked. Wouldn’t it be great if at least one of them bought a packet of veg. seeds for the first time next year!

      Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year xx


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