2015 Growing highlights

Looking through my photo’s this afternoon, I started to remember all the wonderful things that we grew on plot last year. My growing year got off to a slow start and I was late sowing both my chillies and tomatoes on the windowsill. The tomatoes (tumbling tom – yellow) didn’t seem to mind, but the chillies did not get enough growth to make a success of their time on the patio. I got a small crop – just enough to pickle and fill one jar. I have decided to write my key sowing dates on my family calendar this year so that I do not forget or put things off.

I was really pleased with a new second early potato called Jazz. 20 tubers provided enough for us, they had a good flavour and I would like to grow them again this year – although I note that they are now called Jazzy for some reason.

I grew just 2 rows of low grow peas – I got the seeds from my mother in law. We did get a couple of small plastic tubs full but I never seem to grow enough peas. I’ll have another go this year.

I did not make my usual yearly sowings of sweet Williams or wallflowers. I did grow some gorgeous sunflowers on plot and a nice row of sweet peas. Like my other windowsill sowings my Rudbeckia were late and did not get the attention they needed (potting up etc) to reach full glory last year. They did start to flower but did not seem to get the chance to open out fully before it was all over.

The best things for me last year were the amazing crop of blackberries – the largest we have had from these plants to date and a runner bean variety called `Wisley Magic’ from T&M. The seed catalogue promised an old fashioned runner bean flavour. When I was little mum used to top and tail the runner beans and I remember a really strong runner bean smell. I can’t remember smelling that again when I picked my own beans this year but they definitely tasted good on the plate. I will grow them again this year and then try something different next year.

A bumper year for the Buffy ball squash. I still have some left in the shed now. Pumpkins also did well, we got some knobbly on side ones this year which I think was due to the lumpy soil? I tried a new squash – `Potimarron’ I only got one squash but it had a lovely taste. Can’t beat my previously tried and tested `sunshine squash’ which i had to order off the internet last year as i could not find it in the garden centre.

I made a very runny red gooseberry jam and also had a go at chutney in september to try to use up the last of the tomatoes – which are grown at home in containers every year.

I have not made my plan for this year’s growing yet, but I am determined to get the most out of my hobby this year. I spent parts of last year feeling miserable as my mum is not very well. She has dementia and was admitted into a care home end of December last year. I know that my Mum was happiest in her garden, she loved growing things but sadly has lost this part of her life now. Everytime I get pleasure from growing anything, whether it be a veg plant or some flowers from seed, I get comfort from feeling close to what my mum loved. This was a love we shared and when she is no longer here with me, I will remember her in every beautiful flower I see.

sweet peas



Jazz potatoes

potato crop


The plot

Container garden


Pumpkin and Squash patch

Potimarron squash

Buffy Ball


Sunshine squash

Wisley Magic

Runner Beans


Strawberry bed


Tumbling Tom - Yellow




Blackberry flowers

Runny Red Gooseberry Jam - delicous

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  1. What a great year! I loved it all, especially your potatoes.xxx

    • Hi Snowbird, Happy New Year to you. Thankyou for your comment. I am determined to get to my blogging this year, I have really missed it. I have been writing out my seed list and am excited about trying some new varieties xx

  2. Hello Sam it’s good to see you posting again. A most enjoyable read and lots of lovely pictures. I’m glad that you had a good year as the weather made it a difficult growing season for many. Your carrots and tomatoes look good. My blackberries did really well like yours.
    My sympathies about your mum, and I’m not surprised that you felt miserable at times.
    Let hope that we all have a good growing 2016 with lots of flowers and vegetables.
    Take care, and happy gardening. xx

    • Hi Flighty, it is lovely to hear from you. Thankyou for your kind words about my mum. I am definitely looking forward to my hobby this year xx


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