Jazzy Potatoes and windowsill update

second earlies - potatoes

My potatoes arrived last weekend and are now on top of the kitchen cabinet, hopefully chitting well so that they can be planted out mid march if the weather is OK. The seeds on the windowsill are doing great, the chilli’s are up and it seems the first few months of the year have flow by. I can’t believe that in just 3 weeks time I will be sowing the tomato seeds on the windowsill as well.

windowsill feb 16

I have made a note on the calendar for next weekend to give the mini greenhouse a bit of a clean up and to wash my seed trays ready for the early March sowings outside under cover. I wanted to share some pictures of my Hellebores which self seed freely in the shady back section of the garden. I am sure that there are better examples out there but I look forward to seeing these plants every year as they never fail to impress me with their simple colouring and charm.



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  1. I’ve got my potatoes chitting on the windowsill in the spare room. Your seeds are looking good. Nice hellebore pictures. xx

  2. My potatoes are also chitting… I’ve sown my tomatoes, peppers and chillies, the tomatoes are just poking through. Your hellebores are very pretty :o)


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